flipping pixels is the internet repository for projects I’ve created as a video maker, animator and illustrator.

Hi, my name is Aaron. I’m an overeducated animator who’s made a lot of live action videos with a documentary-style approach.

Attending RISD I split my time in both animation and live action film with stop-motion often being a happy medium while at school. Furthering my animation education, I’ve got a certificate from Animation Mentor, an SVA Maya intensive, a Gobelins animation workshop and a Kyle Balda masterclass under my belt. The animation nerd runs deep in me.

Professionally, I’ve directed and animated interstitials and signal film segments, produced drawn animation for music videos and worked on commercials, shorts and pitches for a handful of studios, mostly in NYC.

As a live action video maker my approach comes out of the documentary field. Which I’ve used to make yoga videos, tai chi videos, comedy shorts, a metric ton of live music tapings and, yes, documentaries. I’ve shot on everything from PXL Vision cameras to 16mm Arri’s and Bolexes to DSLRs. In the last few years I’ve also, increasingly, developed content and channels for YouTube clients from astrologers to independent news channels.

While documentary style video and character animation seem to be diametrically opposed, they structurally share much in common. In documentary the story is often created in the edit; the timing and rhythm of the cuts gives shape and life to the story. Animation is much the same but on a micro level. Instead of shots, the timing and rhythm of keyframes (or drawings, poses, etc.) creates the feel and performance.

In either case capturing the pulse of life whether via camera, editing or animated performance is what I’ve been honing since art school.

Aside from video, animation and art, I’ve dived pretty deep into yoga and tai chi practices and played bass in some loud, noisy rock bands. It’s all rhythm and flow, ya know…