flipping pixels is the internet home for projects I’ve created as a video maker, animator and illustrator.

Hi, my name is Aaron. I’m an overeducated animator who’s also made a lot of live action videos with a documentary approach.

As an animator I’ve directed and animated shorts, interstitials and signal film segments, produced drawn animation for music videos and worked on commercials, shorts and pitches for a handful of studios mostly around NYC.

Attending RISD I split my time between animation and live action film, with stop-motion often emerging as a comfortable synthesis of the two. Furthering my animation education, I received a certificate in character animation from Animation Mentor and attended an SVA Maya intensive, a Gobelins summer workshop and a Kyle Balda masterclass. The animation nerd runs deep in me.

As a live action video maker my approach comes primarily out of the documentary world. Attending art-film school during the late 90s explosion of DV filmmaking, I was immersed in the first wave of Lars Von Trier’s Dogme 95 manifesto and the early aughts reality television explosion while contemporaneously shooting school projects on Bolexes and editing on Steenbecks.

I’ve shot on everything from Fisher-Price PXL2000 cameras to 16mm Arri’s to DSLRs. As a filmmaker I’ve run both camera and sound as a one-man band and directed small, multi-camera crews with PAs, sound and lighting.

In the last few years I’ve increasingly developed content and channels for YouTube clients, from astrologers to independent news channels. I’ve created yoga and tai chi videos, comedy shorts, industrials, experimental films, a ton of live music tapings and, yes, even short form documentaries.

While documentary style video and character animation seem to be diametrically opposed, at their root, structurally, they have a lot in common. In documentary the story is often created in the edit; the timing and rhythm of the cuts gives character and shape to the story. Animation is much the same but on a much finer scale. Instead of shots, the timing and spacing of keyframe drawings, or poses, creates the personality and feel.

In either case, capturing the elusive pulse of life via camera, editing or animated performance is what I’ve been honing for the last 20 plus years. Please feel free to contact me below for work inquiries, commissions or just to say hi…

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