character animation reel

character designs and vis-dev for Jewvel

drawn animation

2005 Ottawa Int. Animation Festival signal film
sequence director, animator, bg and prop design

2003 High Times’ Stony Awards interstitials
director, animator, writer, character design

Pioneer “Headbangers” spot | Mekanism
assistant animator

Nike “King James” promo |
character animator

3D animation

Alfred Hitchcock Presents short | zoetifex Studios
character animator

Versus TV show opener | Transistor Studios
previs animator

Pop-Tarts “dancer” commercial | PandaPanther Inc.
junior animator

stop-motion animation

Cobalt Blue and voices too | short film
director, animator, character and set design

Baby Shambles “French Dog Blues” | music video
drawn animation producer

lead paint PSA | Providence Dept. of Health/RISD
director, animator, set design

words in motion reel